Susan was indispensable in helping us to deal with my parents' estate. This was no simple situation. The property involved 150 acres under land trust easement and contained three residences, one of which was designed by a world renowned architect, Richard Meier. Timing also was not ideal with the housing market in a deep slump. We live nine hours distant from Ithaca and needed someone we could trust to represent our interests and stay in close communication. We needed advice about what repairs to make, who to hire to do various jobs, how to present the property to its best advantage, and what to expect in terms of a realistic price. Susan had a photographer take many many images and put together a gorgeous brochure. Susan provided wisdom based on her years of experience. She saw to it that the grounds were maintained in our absence. She took on this project as a challenge and spent many hours showing and publicizing the property. In far less time than we expected, she guided buyers to us and then helped shape our complex negotiations that resulted in a final sale. We honestly don't believe that anyone else could or would have done what she did for us. We reflect often on our wonderful experience with this energetic and knowledgeable agent.

-Bruce and Diane Dotson, Charlottesville, VA.



It was clear after we met Susan Lustick that she had an excellent understanding of the local real estate market and did an admirable job helping us prepare our house for the market. Her ability to stage the house without spending any extra money was above and beyond what we expected. She took professional quality photographs that beautifully highlighted many of the features of our house. The marketing materials developed both in print and on the web by susanlustick were top notch. Her extensive local contacts made it possible for her find perfect buyers for the house. Susan kept in close touch through the entire process and responded promptly to our many questions. Although selling our home of over forty years was an emotional experience, the expertise of Susan Lustick helped us resolve many issues we did not anticipate beforehand and was more successful than we anticipated.

-Sidney and Lory Saltzman, Ithaca , NY


My wife and I sold our home near Ithaca in 2009 in the midst of a housing market collapse and difficult economic times for many people. Susan Lustick was a big reason for why our house sold under these constraints. She did a wonderful and professional job of photographing our home and property to produce sales pamphlets and virtual tours for listing of our home on real estate websites. Susan made our home a priority, as I’m sure she does with every property she lists. Open houses were hosted for local real estate agents and for the public. Personal calls were made to other real estate agents to publicize our home. All this effort resulted in a timely sale at a favorable price during a down market. We would choose Susan again for our real estate needs after our recent experience in selling our home.

-Doug & Debbie Pierson Freeville, NY



"Last year we were in the process of building our own house and needed to sell our current house quickly and easily. We had heard good things about Susan from friends, so she was the first real estate agent we contacted. She met with us right away and helped us get our house ready. We put the house on the market on a Friday and by Monday we had sold it. It doesn't get much quicker and easier than that! In my opinion, it was her in-depth knowledge of the housing market and her solid reputation among fellow agents that sold the house so quickly.

We had a great experience. She will be our only real estate agent from now on!"

Emilie(Exercise Instructor) and Arthur Rawlings(Builder)


"We have worked with Susan for the past seven years and have nothing but the highest of praise regarding her work ethic, knowledge and attention to detail. She has gone above and beyond to provide the necessary information and background expertise to enable us to make educated decisions. We believe in Susan unequivocally and trust that are in good hands when in comes to making decisions as important as buying a home for our family."

Jeff Tambroni (Former Cornell Lacrosse Coach)


"Selling one's house is never easy. But with Susan Lustick, she took away most of the pain by advising in a sensitive and friendly manner and by helping to keep suggested changes to my house in perspective.

Her professionalism is seen through her understanding of the area and by her experience over the years with the market. Although my negotiations with the buyer were difficult, Susan was right there giving me sage advice and always looking out for my best interest. She has a wonderful sense of a humor and is the sharpest real estate

agent in town. I highly recommend Susan for any real estate transaction that you may have because Susan will be on your side. "

Deirdre Anderson (Business Consultant)


"Susan Lustick is certainly one of the finest real estate professionals we have ever worked with. Many times during the search for our new home, Susan showed her expertise, enthusiasm and patience as she left “no stone unturned” before finding the house that we ultimately purchased. Her staff was also exceptional and worked hard to ensure that the process went smoothly, from beginning to final closing. We appreciated Susan’s considerable knowledge of the market and feel confident that through her guidance we got the right house at the right price. She is a wonderful person and a great agent; we will never make a move without her."


Steve Gordon (Professor of Communications)

and Jaime Wolffe (home maker)


"We were very pleased with working with Susan Lustick. Our property was on the market for a few months, and she never wavered in how she handled it, through various offers and ups and downs. My wife and I feel she earned her title: 'The HouseSOLD Name' and would recommend her services to others."

King and Jean Tang


"I am very pleased with the service provided by Susan Lustick and her team. She listed my property, advertised it, communicated regularly with me, provided me with market updates and analysis, and most importantly, sold my property at a price I was happy with. She is very well connected in the community and I would definitely use her again for any home purchase or sale in the future." - Justin Reese, President of Quality Development Corp.


Thanks again for all you've done for us. We were very pleased with the house you helped us buy back in 2003, and just as happy with all you did to help us sell it this year.

(Professor of Law Columbia Law School- formerly at Cornell Law School)


“Susan was my agent when I bought in 2004 and when I sold in 2008. Selling in a depressed market is a stressful and disappointing experience, but I believe it would have been even worse without Susan's assistance. She is highly efficient, and while she works with many clients simultaneously, I never felt like I was competing for her attention. I interviewed several agents when selling, and Susan had the best feel for the pulse of the local market, which was essential for developing the right pricing strategy for my situation. Another trait that sets Susan apart from other agents is her unusually direct, straightforward, and honest communication style. I never felt that I was being given a sales pitch. She is intelligent, listens well, respects her clients, and has a quick wit that, at times, can make you briefly forget the stress associated with selling. I've contracted with Susan twice before and would do so again, without hesitation, as either a buyer or seller."

Jed Devaro, Assistant Professor of Labor Economics


"Thank you for selling the house so quickly for us...for such a great price. I could not have asked for a better realtor. You are the best Susan.

Good luck and best wishes."

Joe and Gertraud Mulrooney


"We are settled in to our new home in Pennsylvania and want to thank you again for taking such great care of us during our time in Ithaca. As new arrivals to the area and first time homebuyers your warmth and charm made us feel welcome and at ease. Later as our family grew and we needed a bigger place, we returned to you without hesitation. You guided us through the process of selling and buying, helping us to make informed choices that served us well. Through each transition you treated us as though we were your only clients, always ready to answer our questions and give us the attention we needed. You have set a high standard for realtor excellence that has proven difficult to match! Thank you for all you have done to make the stressful process of home buying and selling easy and dare I say it, fun!"

Kelly & Brian Falck


     Susan Lustick is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to selling a house. Susan gave us careful advice about how much work to have done on the house (not too much) and showed us how to show our home to it's best advantage. We followed her advice to the letter, and we had two offers within the first 3 days it was on the market. Her decorating advice and help was amazing. When she finished moving stuff around, and adding a little bit of color here, a little pizzaz there, our house looked great. More than once we wondered why we hadn't done this long ago.

     We began working with Susan several months before we really got started on house preparation. She did a lot of research to help us decide on timing and price.  Susan photographed the house, inside and out, from the most flattering angles. Once she had the online ad prepared, she shared the photos with us, which is a wonderful bonus -- we will remember our house very fondly, if perhaps a bit inaccurately (on the good side!)

   Susan is a bit aggressive, so be prepared. But that is exactly what you want in a realtor. We would use her again in a minute.

John McClain, Retired Professor Cornell Johnson School of Management